Dolphin Swim Experiences in Riviera Maya: Be a Dolphin Trainer.

Dolphin Swim Experiences in Riviera Maya: Be a Dolphin Trainer.

Dolphin Swim Experiences in Riviera Maya: Be a Dolphin Trainer.

Spring is the Best Time to Become a Dolphin Trainer. BLU By Dolphinaris offers to make your dreams come true: become a Dolphin Trainer! You can experience the most exciting job in the world… Join us for the best Dolphin swim experiences in Riviera Maya.

It is no news that there is a very special bond between a man and his dog, a teacher and their students, and so on… But what if we told you that you can become one with a dolphin? Experience the most intimate dolphin interaction in the world, and be a Dolphin trainer for a day.

An Intimate Connection

We are calling all the animal lovers! Dolphinaris wants YOU to step out of your comfort zone and jump in the water to form a unique bond. Not only will you experience a day in the life of a dolphin trainer, but you will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect…

Have you ever wondered how a dolphin’s heartbeat feels? Or how they tend to interact with each other? Well, all of your doubts and more will be answered with a simple yet fascinating program: Trainer For A Day.

Wait up! Know that you will take part in a VR* experience that is unique of its kind… Our BLU VR* awaits you. We can’t go into details about it, you must come and find out what it’s all about though…

*Virtual Reality.

Dolphin Swim Experiences in Riviera Maya.


Without further ado, let us explain in detail what you will encounter at our Trainer For A Day program in the Riviera Maya…

First off, this is our longest program, with 180 minutes in the water and a total time of 7hrs. Trainer For A Day is sure to woo you. This program isn’t only long… but it also includes an array of activities that will cover all of your needs. It is needless to say that transportation IS included.

Prior to an informative orientation session, you will be guided through a backstage tour, to get to know Dolphinaris exclusively.

In order to deepen the bond that you will create with the dolphin throughout the day, there are things you MUST know. Therefore following the previously mentioned activities, a SeaGuard will guide you through a dolphins behavior/ physiology and subsequently their training behaviors. Right after that will be 3 activities involving the dolphins!

A Deep and True Connection: BLU.

One of the focus points here is that this dolphin swim experience in the Riviera Maya is way more than just a swim… You will get the opportunity to experience many things amongst which are a dolphin behavior training session, personal interaction with the dolphin…

To make things even more special, you will receive a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Brace yourself! A t-shirt that one of our dolphins will mouth-paint right before your eyes! Last but not least, a Trainer For A Day certificate along with 2 pre-selected images will be given to you. Said images will be taken along the day by your own personal photographer            (which we provide)!

In the end, we care about both your and the dolphin’s wellbeing, we made a very personalized and educational program. Our hope is to teach you, regardless of age, gender or race, that the dolphins need us. We must unite to save them, our oceans, and Planet Earth…